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my favourite thing is chanyeol trying to show off his close friendship with kyungsoo and kyungsoo pretending he doesn’t know who the heck chanyeol even is

Luhan - Aima making ; <3
Day 13 of  - R E D  V E L V E T ♡


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sexxaaayyyy...or maybe not


우유 남자

"I was sleeping earlier and at dawn my eyes opened and since I was not sleepy I watched showtime episode 6. It hasn’t been an year yet but the happy memories came to my head and I really miss them. Of course now is happy also but I think it’s really good that I can recall my past memories and refresh myself. I love my exo members and you EXO L’s so much. I want to enjoy this happiness forever and I hope people surrounding me including my members and fans to be all healthy and happy. Thank you so much for loving me, chanyeol who’s not perfect and I love you! Lastly EXO!! Let’s love!! (Forever)" - Chanyeol’s IG update ♡